Heath F. Hofmann, Ph.D.










Curriculum Vitae





Although Dr. Hofmann teaches a variety of courses, the following list represents the courses he is most often affiliated with:

Power Electronics

Power Electronics covers the use of electronics in energy conversion, with power levels from the microwatt level to thousands of megawatts.  The goal of this course is to provide the necessary knowledge base required to design working power electronic systems: AC-DC and DC-DC conversion; power semiconductor devices, inductors, and capacitors; gate- and base-drive circuits; snubber” circuits; and thermal analysis.

Electric Machinery and Drives

Electric Madhinery and Drives ) covers power electronic drives for rotating electric machinery.  Fundamental theory related to machine drives, such as electric machines, DC-AC power electronic converters, and control theory are discussed.   The course also presents specific control schemes for electric drives.  Simple V/Hz control schemes are covered, as well as high-performance field-oriented control. Different machine types are presented in a way that allows direct comparison of their merits in a variety of applications.  The course includes a significant lab component consisting of hands-on experience with microprocessor-controlled electric drives.